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Chapter 14 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 14


'How am I going to deal with this?' she wondered to herself.

She had no time to continue her ponderance when Jack ran into the room wearing his John Cena swimming trunks.

"Hey, Mom?" he asked, while grinning at her.

"Yeah, kiddo?"
"You can't see me!" he yelled as he waved his hand in front of his face.

Bella rolled her eyes and silently cursed Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment.

"Nice. I think you need an Attitude Adjustment," Bella called out before jumping off of the bed to chase him.

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Parachute Chapter 13 is up!

FFnet Chapter 13

TWCS Chapter 13

Song used in this chapter: The Scientist by Coldplay.

Twitter Read-Along Information!

@TLammy will be hosting a #Readalong of Parachute on Friday, September 10th, at 8PM Central. I'm terrible at time conversions, lol, but I'm pretty sure that's 9PM, EST! 

I'm totally excited and will definitely be taking part! You can follow me as well, if you'd like! @KitsuShel

These directions are taken from the FicBridge Blog:

#readalong Reader instructions!

(1) To follow a #readalong log into your twitter at the appointed time and start reading the chosen fic. Every chapter pop back into your twitter and tweet your thoughts, or a favorite quote from the story with the hashtag #readalong

(2) To see what others are saying search #readalong and oogle the results.

(3) Keep it positive. If the story is not your cup of tea, please bow out gracefully. 

(4) Review! Let the author know that you appreciated their hard work. 

(5) If you loved it, sign up to be a host! We have a #readalong every night, send an email to and we will hook you up with a date! 

(6) I'm @Mrs_TheKing on twitter if you have anymore questions or email ! 

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Chapter 13 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 13


Bella walked over to the desk and her eye caught a square piece of crystal with wording etched on it. She leaned closer and gasped. She swung her gaze back to Esme, who was smiling at her, somewhat sadly.

"I have this same poem hanging on the wall in our living room," Bella said quietly. Her fingers involuntarily reached out and caressed the words gently.

Not flesh of my flesh,
Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously
My own.

Never forget
For a single minute;
You didn't grow under my heart,
But in it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Outtake #4 ~ The Letter (EPOV) is up!

OK, this is the shortest one so far, only about ~2K, but there was nothing else that I wanted to go along with it. There will be other EPOVs (including his talk with Jack in Chapter 12) down the line.

I've had a few comments/questions about the theme I've got going with the Outtakes. I've decided to make each chapter a song title (Changed Chapter two from Mother's Day to In My Life). I know song fics are done a lot, but it just meshes with my everyday life too well. I've always got music playing and 9/10, it's something that I've heard that inspires me! Take The Letter for instance. I heard it and the scene just unfolded before my eyes, so it was too perfect not to use!

Hope you guys enjoy the EPOV. I'm still kinda rough with writing 1st person POV, but it just felt right for him.

FFnet ~ The Letter (EPOV)

TWCS ~ The Letter (EPOV)

And of course, the inspiration:

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Parachute Chapter 12 is up!

An important note: Please be aware that a small EPOV will be posting to the Outtakes in about about 12 hours or so! Keep an eye out! I know some of you have been looking forward to it! <3

Chapter 12 FFnet

Outtake #3 ~ 'Everything' is up!

Ok, my lovelies! The latest outtake for Parachute, 'Everything,' is up now!

Special note: Chapter 12 will be up slightly earlier this week. I'll be posting it at midnight tonight, EST. Tomorrow afternoon, another Outtake will post. It's our first EPOV, which adds a little to his backstory!

FFnet Outtake #3

TWCS Outtake #3

This song accompanies the chapter:


These pics have also been added to the others as well:

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New Rec over at PIC's FanFic Corner!

Yay! We've got another Rec! This time over on P.I.C.'s FanFic Corner!

I absolutely love to read fics that involve kids; whether it is Edward and Bella having kids together or finding each other when they already have kids. So, how could I not read a story where Bella finds a boy, after a day of shopping with the girls, in a grubby alley? 

I came across Parachute by KitsuShel looking for something new to read that I thought wouldn’t have so much heart fail. The story starts with a prologue in which Bella has a eight year old son and they are pulling up to a house and Bella is unsure if she should actual go through with walking up to the door. It becomes very obvious that the residents of the house are not expecting her and even more so that it has to do with Jack, Bella’s son. 

Maybe it was better left alone, she wondered. Jack was her son. There was no way to prepare for what might happen when they knocked on that door. Could she share him? Could she give him up?

One of the main reasons I got hooked to the story is because, even though Bella found Jack when he was three years old, the author didn’t spend ten chapters going through trivial phases of Bella and Jack’s life together. In a few chapters, the author went through five years but showcased the most significant parts of Bella’s time with Jack. Bella graduates from college, gets a children’s book published, and moves on her own with Jack but it wasn’t completely all on her own that she accomplished these things. 

The relationship between Charlie and Bella in this fic is awesome. A majority of the stories I read have either a bad relationship between Charlie and Bella or one that they are very distant with each other. Charlie and his second wife, Sue, helped Bella with anything that they could so that Bella could keep Jack. 

Of course, once Bella and Jack have nice pace in their lives, Bella’s friend, Angela finds some information on a certain Edward Cullen, who could possibly be Jack’s father. 

"What? How? Who? Where?" Bella started firing off, while her heart was beating rapidly. She was both scared and excited by the possibility.  
"Well if you give me a moment, I can explain everything," Angela laughed lightly. 
"Okay, okay, I'll shut up. Please continue," Bella responded, shakily.  
"Alright, I was asked earlier today by Mike Newton to do some research on someone he's interviewing this week, a big business man from Chicago. His name is Edward Cullen. After doing some basic research, I found out some major shit once I dug deeper. Five years ago this coming September, his three year old son, Jackson was kidnapped in Phoenix, Arizona while the wife was visiting her mother. He was never found."  
Bella's heart, which had just started to calm down, started beating quickly once again. Something was niggling in her mind about Phoenix. Something sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it.  
"So, wait, this is Jack's father? What was he doing in Seattle if he was kidnapped in Phoenix? He told the police that he was with his mother when she left him, did she kidnap him? Oh my God, we can finally figure some of this mess out!" she exclaimed. "What kind of people are they, Ang? Are they going to take him away if we try and contact them?"

The information leading to the disappearance of Jack is so interesting and I don’t want to give away any details of that. The day that Bella finds all this information out, she goes home to do her own research and knows without a doubt that Edward Cullen is Jack’s father; to get even more proof of that fact, Jack wakes up and sees a picture of Edward on Bella’s computer screen. 

"Daddy..." he whispered. His head whipped around quickly. Bella couldn't decipher the look on his face. It almost looked like disappointment.  
"You found him? And you didn't tell me? Why? Why wouldn't you tell me?" he asked in an accusing tone.  
"Jack," she started in a soothing voice, "I just found out earlier today. I was going to tell you as soon as I found out any more information. All I knew was their name and that they live in Chicago."  
She noticed his stance loosen and relax. His gaze went back to the picture. After a moment, he gave her a small smile.  
"I knew, Ma," he whispered as he touched the screen again. "I knew I'd see him again. You can't give up on love." He turned and looked at her with tears in his eyes.  
"You taught me that, Mom." He nodded and rubbed his eyes. "What do we do now?"

God, this part of the chapter killed me! Jack is the sweetest most loving boy to his mother and let me tell you, it isn’t the last time that Jack will stand up and say that Bella is his mother now. 

Chapter nine brings right back to the prologue and to the front door of the Cullen’s house. I didn’t know what to expect when someone answered the door but it was a nice surprise. There are currently ten chapters and the last one left me crying, my heart pounding, and a HUGE cliffe! I can’t wait for this one to update.

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Chapter 12 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 12


"Thank you for your support, Carlisle. I love Jack with all of my heart. Now that we've found you all, I want you all to be a big part of his life, but let me be clear on something. He is my son and I won't leave here without him." 

Carlisle was taken back at her fiery words, but his admiration for her only grew. It was as clear as day how much she and Jack meant to each other.

He nodded curtly and sat down one of the cases in order to open the door for her.

"Thank you," she said quietly as she walked into the house.

"No, Bella Swan," Carlisle whispered behind her back, "thank you."

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Rec Today on the Fictionators!

Wow! We were rec'ed today on the Fictionators Blog! Completely different from GGSophie's review that I posted earlier!

Parachute was reviewed by Bellamarie117 (Writer of 'Take the Ice') and Kassiah (Writer of 'Somewhere In Between')! I feel so honored to be reviewed by such awesome writers!

Chapter 11 Is Up!

FFnet Chapter 11

TWCS Chapter 11

Twilighted Chapter 11

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Reviewed on the Fictionators!

It was pointed to me by a reviewer who had read the story early on and then lost it, only to find it again this week when it was reviewed on the Fictionators!

It was listed as one of the Pwns of the Week by GGSophie!

Parachute by: KitsuShel
Summary: After finding an abandoned child on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him for five years as her own. What happens to their life when his biological family is found? AU/AH
Why this fic pwns GGSophieI am absolutely unequivically in love with this story! The fact that I’m reading a B&E story that hasn’t even had B&E talk yet after this many chapters says something in and of it self. Jack and Bella relationship is amazing she is so complete devoted to him as is he. We have just got to Edward entering the picture. KitsuShel found a way to move through the years of seperation swiftly without compromising the story. Plus she teases like mad on the blog, review replies and FB. Run don’t walk and get reading. While your at it don’t forget all the outtakes too!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ok, sorry that this isn't Parachute related. Well, it sort of is. My O/S, The Cake Boss won one of the Judge's Choice in the Lovin' in the Oven contest.

It was my first time writing lemon, which is essentially practice for some citrusy things to come later on in Parachute.

If you guys want to check it out and critique it, that's awesome. I handle constructive criticism very well! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chapter 11 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 11


He dropped to his knees in front of Jack and reached out slowly to cup his face. She watched as two tears dripped down the man's face as he tenderly stroked the boy's face. Bella glanced down at her son and saw that he was grinning widely and his eyes were transfixed on his father's face. A smile broke out on Edward's face and gently pulled Jack into his arms.

"Jackson," Edward sobbed and he clutched his son to him tightly.

"Daddy," Jack cried into his father's shoulder. "I missed you."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Most epic message ever.

KitsuShel was sent a message on and this is what was in the message.

Name: DeydreamBeliever
Subject: Parachute

Veruca, eh? I can do that. *whine, whine, complain - burst into song*

I want the story
I want the whole story
I want to lock it all up in my pocket
It`s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me


I want a chapter today
I want another tomorrow
I want to read `em so pick up your speed,
'Cause I want you to share `em

I want the works
I want the whole thing
Full of Presents and prizes, sweets and surprises
Of all shapes and sizes
Need it now
Don`t care how
I want it now
Don`t care how
I want it now

*smirks and takes bow* *Rolls eyes and huffs* No doubt you wish to give me
some excuse about real life and the importance of spending time with your
family. Blah, blah, blah. As if! Like you need time to eat and sleep and
take care of 'human moments'. Please. *stomps foot and shouts command*
Somebody chain her to the table with her computer and don't let her up until
the story is completed to reader satisfaction! *Smirks as people start
scurrying to look for chains. *Shakes finger and lectures* No breaks!
Nothing in real life could possibly be more important than writing and
publishing a fictional story for free to be read and critiqued by total
strangers. As if a six year old first born son could possibly compete with
that! Really, isn't that what why they invented Spongebob Squarepants - free
babysitting? I'm sure he'll be just fine watching mindless cartoons for six
hours a day while you're typing. Don't worry about him. Your anonymous
readers are what's really important - much more so than your own flesh and
*takes deep breath and relaxes, dropping Veruca persona*

There! Was that Veruca enough for you? Seriously, I'm a mother of four children, ranging in age from 5 to 11, so I'm honestly just teasing you tongue in cheek. I know we're lucky you give consistent updates. It's just hard as a reader when you're really into a story to wait for the next installment, as I'm sure you're well aware. So we just want you to know how much we value your work and wish you had more time to spend writing so we could spend more
time reading it. Rather than what we're supposed to be doing, of course.

*grin* Keep up the good work. I'm really looking forward to Friday's
chapter. It's the one I've been waiting for since you first published the

I adore this lady. Seriously. How amazing is that song??

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Chapter 10 - Pic Tease & Chapter Teaser

Chapter 10 


"Mrs. Cullen?" Bella asked. The woman's smile became unfathomably larger.

"Isabella Swan, it's a pleasure to meet you! To what do I owe this honor?" her lilting voice responded.

Bella's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock.

"Ho-how do you know who I am?" she asked, in complete confusion.

Esme tilted her head slightly to one side, confusion also settling upon her face.

"I do work with the Chicago branch of Lost Treasures. I recognize you from the literature that the foundation gives out during charity events. I lost my own grandson a few years back, so it's a cause close to my heart," she smiled sadly at her.

"No effing way," Bella whispered, her jaw still hanging open.