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Chapter 24 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 24


When Mayor Daley's attention was distracted somewhere else, Tanya sidled up to Bella's side.

"His name is Dick Daley? His parents must have been a little twisted. That's my kind of people." She waggled her eyebrows, which caused Bella to bite her lip to stifle the giggles that were bubbling up.

"Hey Bells?" Tanya asked. 

"I don't think I want to hear it, but, what?"

"What would his wife say when asked if she loved her husband? 'Oh, yes! I love Dick Daley!' I'd respond and say, 'Yeah, me too honey!'"

Bella made a choking sound as she held back laughter. She gave the mayor a sheepish smile and elbowed Tanya in the side when he turned around to make sure that she was okay.

"Are you alright, baby?" Edward asked quietly in her ear.

She couldn't help but smile at sight of him in his tux.

"I'm fine, Edward. Tanya's being a whore though."

Tanya snorted and shook her head. "You love me for it."

"That I do, Tahn. That I do," Bella sighed, before winking at her friend.

The Halloween Outtake is up!

Parachute's Outtake #7: "This is Halloween" is up now!


Chapter Song:

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Chapter 23 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Thank you to each and every person who sent birthday wishes and nominated Parachute and Jack in the Twilight Original Character Awards! You guys freaking rock! Enjoy the teaser! 

Chapter 23


His lips caressed hers gently as their bodies molded together. He shifted his weight until they were side by side, facing each other on the bed. Edward pulled back and smiled down at Bella's closed eyes and blissful expression, before reaching out and moving a strand of hair behind her ear.

Her heart skipped a beat painfully when she opened her eyes and noticed the wary look on his face.

"What is it?" she asked quietly.

"Can you tell me about this book tour?"

She sighed and smiled slightly, relieved that it was something that was hopefully easy to fix.
"It's nothing major," she responded quietly. "Just a week or so and then I'll be back."

"Promise?" he asked in a strained voice.

"I promise. Now, less talking and more kissing, please."

Edward grinned, more at ease with her admission and resumed his previous exploration of her lips as she made a contented sound.

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Chapter 22 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers

Chapter 22


Tanya crossed her legs and stared down Marcus Preston.

"Mr. Preston, I must admit that one hand, I am in awe of your persistence in obtaining Bella's assistance. On the other, as her friend, I am furious that you attempted to manipulate not only her, but my company as well. I would highly suggest that you tread lightly from here on out. I am not a person who should be trifled with."

Marcus sat back and raised an eyebrow. He turned to Bella and smiled slightly.

"You are a fiercely protected woman, Miss Swan. Not only by Ms. Denali here, but the Cullens as well. Such an enigma."

After a moment he sighed. "I do apologize for the breach of protocol in obtaining your personal information, but I can't regret it. Not when Esme is in the next room talking with my wife."

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Parachute is up for a GLOSP Award!

Parachute is nominated for a GLOSP Award for: 
Story that made your teeth hurt from all the sweetness (Best toothache)

Thank you to whomever nominated Parachute! <3

Chapter 21 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 21


She had never before felt desire like what he inspired in her; it was an all-consuming and completely new experience. 

Remembering the electric feeling of his hands on her body as they twirled around the living room, she slowly ran her hands over her wet skin.

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Chapter 20 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 20


The song slowed and came to a stop, but Edward's arms did not let her go. She gazed into his deep green eyes and fell into their depths. Emotions flickered across them that she couldn't quite comprehend. The song's beat soon turned deep and dark. A woman's soulful voice washed over them like silk.

"I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced a crown"

As they continued to sway, Bella's fingers flexed through his hair as one of his hands pressed into the small of her back, bringing her close to him. His other hand worked it's way into her hair, at the base of her neck and lower his face to hers.

"I just want to try something," he whispered. "Stay very still."

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Chapter 20 Date Suggestion/Comments!

OK, so you guys all know that while I stay true to my main outline and idea behind this story, I like to post polls and hear your thoughts. I like having you guys feel like you're part of this story as well, because you ultimately are! 

Let me hear your comments and/or suggestions for Bella and Edward's date!

Keep these facts in mind:

1) Chapter 19 ended with the date of Friday, July 2, 2010.
2) B&E's date will take place the next afternoon/evening. (July 3rd)
3) Jack, Carlisle and Esme will be leaving around noon on Saturday and won't return until Sunday, July 4th, midmorning. (There are already events planned for that day)
4) There will a "group" date with Jack, Bella and Edward in an upcoming chapter, so we're keeping this one as just Mommy/Daddy time. ;-) 
5) NO sexy times. (Not yet anyway)
6) It should go without saying, I reserve all rights to run with suggestions I like or not choose something I might not like, even if it might be the popular choice.

OK, then here we go! Share your thoughts! Pretty please? 


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RoseArcadia's Blinkie and Review of Parachute!!

RoseArcadia's Blinkie and Review of Parachute!! 

Chapter 19 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers

Chapter 19


Bella turned, modeling the black dress that showed slightly more cleavage than she was comfortable with. Esme sat between Edward and Jack on the larger couch.

"I knew it would fit perfect, Bella! You're going to knock his socks off!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Bella noticed Edward's uncomfortable look at his mother's comment and wasn't sure what to make of it.

"Do you really have to go? Why can't you just stay home with me and Dad?" Jack frowned. 

"Sorry, kiddo. I'm just going on a date. I'll be back," she laughed. Jack narrowed his eyes.

"Fine, but you better be back by ten, okay?"

Bella shook her head and laughed. She looked over at Edward when she heard his chuckle and gave him a questioning look. He smiled and shrugged. 

A moment later, the doorbell rang and Esme excitedly pounced to answer the door.

Bella ran her hand over the front of her dress nervously. She looked up and noticed that Edward was staring at her.

"What? Do I look okay?"

He smiled uncomfortably and stood up. He walked over and touched a strand of her hair.

"You look better than okay, Bella. You look beautiful," he whispered.