Friday, August 20, 2010

Outtake #4 ~ The Letter (EPOV) is up!

OK, this is the shortest one so far, only about ~2K, but there was nothing else that I wanted to go along with it. There will be other EPOVs (including his talk with Jack in Chapter 12) down the line.

I've had a few comments/questions about the theme I've got going with the Outtakes. I've decided to make each chapter a song title (Changed Chapter two from Mother's Day to In My Life). I know song fics are done a lot, but it just meshes with my everyday life too well. I've always got music playing and 9/10, it's something that I've heard that inspires me! Take The Letter for instance. I heard it and the scene just unfolded before my eyes, so it was too perfect not to use!

Hope you guys enjoy the EPOV. I'm still kinda rough with writing 1st person POV, but it just felt right for him.

FFnet ~ The Letter (EPOV)

TWCS ~ The Letter (EPOV)

And of course, the inspiration:

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