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New Rec over at PIC's FanFic Corner!

Yay! We've got another Rec! This time over on P.I.C.'s FanFic Corner!

I absolutely love to read fics that involve kids; whether it is Edward and Bella having kids together or finding each other when they already have kids. So, how could I not read a story where Bella finds a boy, after a day of shopping with the girls, in a grubby alley? 

I came across Parachute by KitsuShel looking for something new to read that I thought wouldn’t have so much heart fail. The story starts with a prologue in which Bella has a eight year old son and they are pulling up to a house and Bella is unsure if she should actual go through with walking up to the door. It becomes very obvious that the residents of the house are not expecting her and even more so that it has to do with Jack, Bella’s son. 

Maybe it was better left alone, she wondered. Jack was her son. There was no way to prepare for what might happen when they knocked on that door. Could she share him? Could she give him up?

One of the main reasons I got hooked to the story is because, even though Bella found Jack when he was three years old, the author didn’t spend ten chapters going through trivial phases of Bella and Jack’s life together. In a few chapters, the author went through five years but showcased the most significant parts of Bella’s time with Jack. Bella graduates from college, gets a children’s book published, and moves on her own with Jack but it wasn’t completely all on her own that she accomplished these things. 

The relationship between Charlie and Bella in this fic is awesome. A majority of the stories I read have either a bad relationship between Charlie and Bella or one that they are very distant with each other. Charlie and his second wife, Sue, helped Bella with anything that they could so that Bella could keep Jack. 

Of course, once Bella and Jack have nice pace in their lives, Bella’s friend, Angela finds some information on a certain Edward Cullen, who could possibly be Jack’s father. 

"What? How? Who? Where?" Bella started firing off, while her heart was beating rapidly. She was both scared and excited by the possibility.  
"Well if you give me a moment, I can explain everything," Angela laughed lightly. 
"Okay, okay, I'll shut up. Please continue," Bella responded, shakily.  
"Alright, I was asked earlier today by Mike Newton to do some research on someone he's interviewing this week, a big business man from Chicago. His name is Edward Cullen. After doing some basic research, I found out some major shit once I dug deeper. Five years ago this coming September, his three year old son, Jackson was kidnapped in Phoenix, Arizona while the wife was visiting her mother. He was never found."  
Bella's heart, which had just started to calm down, started beating quickly once again. Something was niggling in her mind about Phoenix. Something sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it.  
"So, wait, this is Jack's father? What was he doing in Seattle if he was kidnapped in Phoenix? He told the police that he was with his mother when she left him, did she kidnap him? Oh my God, we can finally figure some of this mess out!" she exclaimed. "What kind of people are they, Ang? Are they going to take him away if we try and contact them?"

The information leading to the disappearance of Jack is so interesting and I don’t want to give away any details of that. The day that Bella finds all this information out, she goes home to do her own research and knows without a doubt that Edward Cullen is Jack’s father; to get even more proof of that fact, Jack wakes up and sees a picture of Edward on Bella’s computer screen. 

"Daddy..." he whispered. His head whipped around quickly. Bella couldn't decipher the look on his face. It almost looked like disappointment.  
"You found him? And you didn't tell me? Why? Why wouldn't you tell me?" he asked in an accusing tone.  
"Jack," she started in a soothing voice, "I just found out earlier today. I was going to tell you as soon as I found out any more information. All I knew was their name and that they live in Chicago."  
She noticed his stance loosen and relax. His gaze went back to the picture. After a moment, he gave her a small smile.  
"I knew, Ma," he whispered as he touched the screen again. "I knew I'd see him again. You can't give up on love." He turned and looked at her with tears in his eyes.  
"You taught me that, Mom." He nodded and rubbed his eyes. "What do we do now?"

God, this part of the chapter killed me! Jack is the sweetest most loving boy to his mother and let me tell you, it isn’t the last time that Jack will stand up and say that Bella is his mother now. 

Chapter nine brings right back to the prologue and to the front door of the Cullen’s house. I didn’t know what to expect when someone answered the door but it was a nice surprise. There are currently ten chapters and the last one left me crying, my heart pounding, and a HUGE cliffe! I can’t wait for this one to update.

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