Monday, November 1, 2010

Chapter 24 is up!

This early update is brought to you by the Fandom for Preemies fundraiser. 

For those of you who questioned Jack's mood in the last chapter and parts of this one, the Outtake should clear a few things up. There are *over* 100 authors taking part, including a special Jack POV Outtake from Parachute. It ties into Chapters 23 & 24. If you can spare the donation, please do so! The March of Dimes is a very worthy charity! (Link to their site is on my profile and the blog!)

FFnet ~ Chapter 24

TWCS ~ Chapter 24

Music for this chapter ~ Vanilla Twilight by Owl City:  

Bella's dress: 

Crystal Ballroom at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago

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