Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chapter 25 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 25


Victoria's gaze landed on Jack's trembling form, an evil smirk resting upon her face. Bella felt an overwhelming wave of fury and protectiveness boil in her veins. She moved swiftly in front of her son, cutting off Victoria's view and placing her squarely in the line of fire, meeting Victoria's startled gaze. She didn't care whose blood ran through Jack's veins, he was her son and she was protecting him until her last breath.

The red haired witch cocked her head to the side and eyed Bella speculatively, as if she were a hunter analyzing her prey. Victoria's icy blue eyes narrowed and she took a step forward. Bella shifted into a defensive stance and clenched her fists at her sides, thankful for all of her father's self-defense lessons. This bitch wasn't laying a hand on her boy's head.


  1. da da daaaaa...... Bella better kick some ass.... Vic cant do anything about taking Jacka s she signed her rights away right? R EDward and Bella gonna find out about James part is this yet or not?!WAIT if james is Edwards Lawyer maybe he didnt file the paper work and Vic can get her slimy claws into Jack.... Noooooooooo

  2. Oh no??!!! James was working with Victoria behind Edward's back?? Uggghhhh, this is gonna get messy

  3. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. Go Bella Go! Kick some slutty, no good, deadbeat momma ass girl! ;) I can't wait girlie... *shows chewed off nails* <--proof!


  4. what a dog she is...... can not wait till this particular chapter is posted !!
    poor Jack - please dont let her get her filthy hands on that precious boy

  5. Omg cannot wait for this chapter but I'm also thinking James is being sneaky etc and he probably with Victoria and told her about what's going on!! argh
    I guess we shall see!
    I hope edward and bella both kick major ass but i got feeling things gonna get bad before they get good (omg i gotta stop guessing and just wait haha)


  6. That bitch. That the time for Jack to know and feel he's safe from that monster.

  7. b*tch slap b*tch slap pleeeeeeease haha

  8. After reading the comment, I would not want to be Victoria in that room with all the women who love Jack. Bella is just the first rain of the Hurricane (Can we say Alice, Tanya, Rosalie, Esme...)
    High society high heeled catfight . Noooooo!