Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 20 Date Suggestion/Comments!

OK, so you guys all know that while I stay true to my main outline and idea behind this story, I like to post polls and hear your thoughts. I like having you guys feel like you're part of this story as well, because you ultimately are! 

Let me hear your comments and/or suggestions for Bella and Edward's date!

Keep these facts in mind:

1) Chapter 19 ended with the date of Friday, July 2, 2010.
2) B&E's date will take place the next afternoon/evening. (July 3rd)
3) Jack, Carlisle and Esme will be leaving around noon on Saturday and won't return until Sunday, July 4th, midmorning. (There are already events planned for that day)
4) There will a "group" date with Jack, Bella and Edward in an upcoming chapter, so we're keeping this one as just Mommy/Daddy time. ;-) 
5) NO sexy times. (Not yet anyway)
6) It should go without saying, I reserve all rights to run with suggestions I like or not choose something I might not like, even if it might be the popular choice.

OK, then here we go! Share your thoughts! Pretty please? 



  1. Okay here what my view as a group date a baseball game and as for mommy and daddy date some thing to let her know that he like her. Maybe they can paint pottery and then a boat ride along the river?

  2. hmmm...i would say something romantic without being obviously so. Maybe look like he was trying..i am sooo not creative so I am not sure as to the actual event.
    I just hate for it to be cheesy.
    Idea: my husband took me ice skating for our first date and the closest rink was 2 hours away. he did this because he had heard me say in passing that i loved to ice skate. then we had dinner. and talked for the car ride there and back. was so great and soo sweet to remember something little that i said.

    another one: we have blueberry, blackberry, and strawbeery picking farms here. its fun and can be romantic. there are even places to have picnics out there. its in the middle of nowhere and it not something that most people would do on a date or even think about.
    here is the site of one the one we go to:

    just a thought.
    when my hubby and I go to the city to go out we go to a jazz club. that is always so much fun and relaxing cuz its usually older people who are not immature and being crazy. they like to sit there and drink and dance and just have fun.

    anyway, there are my ideas. not alot to do in this small town where i live.


  3. hmmm, you sure gave something to think.
    for mommy/daddy times... dinner soudns boring. I don't know maybe carnival, with ferris wheel, lots of candy?

    or maybe he could take B to some super secret, super beutifull point in chicago, where they could talk and hug and kiss? (oh, please, please, I know you said no sexy times, but one littlle kiss?)

  4. Hmmm well we all know they are not going to just jump into bed, they are still learning about each other and feeling each other out. There should be a little progress though, a kiss or two maybe. They need to have fun and just enjoy each others company for the night, there is a lot of pressure on them right now.

  5. Navy Pier has always seemed like a fun spot for a date. They have rides (and the big ferris wheel), shows, shops, dining, and cruises that leave from there. I could be a fun romantic date place, and if they chose to bring Jack back later, could be a family fun place as well.

    No sexy times yet sounds perfect, but I do hope that when the date is over, they both realize they have feelings for each other (yeah, and some kisses would be nice too).

  6. Holiday weekend, big city...I'd say an outdoor symphony concert (most big-city symphonies perform a free, outdoor concert around July 4th, as a public service) with a picnic. Right up Edward's musical alley (so to speak, hee hee), casual for Bella's personality. Plus, feeding each other finger foods--smexy!

  7. I say a baseball game as a group date, or maybe X Games or something like that.
    For Mommy/Daddy time... One -Day Cooking School at the Chopping Block or something like that, since Bella likes to cook.

  8. I agree with the Navy Pier, Cubs game, or outdoor concert ideas. The Art Institute or a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan might be nice. When I go to Chicago, I like to have a good steak at the Chicago Chophouse or lamb chops at Keefer's. I also enjoy the piano bar but it's kinda touristy.

  9. I see music, a romantic summer sunset, a lot of talking, and a lot of sexy, caring, shy Edward, trying to open up to Bella, and finally fess up and speak his mind...they should have moments when they speak at the same time, finish each other's sentences.
    I know next to nothing about Chicago, but with the 4th July weekend looming, I guess it'd be difficult to find a secluded, romantic spot that's not packed with people..
    That's all I can visualize for the time being ;-)
    Anything you'll come up will be just great!

  10. how about a picnic that afternoon at the park downtown near navy pier. then that evening they can stay for an outdoor concert at the amphitheater. laying together on a blanket under the stars listening to music. maybe some wine, cheese and something sweet? even though no sexy times yet, how about allow some steamy, sexy kissing so they will recognize that their feelings are mutual. :)

  11. I think u should stick to true Edward fashion.... Going way over the top.... Like 1 of the top restrants in the city and he's booked the whole place just for him and bella, then after dinner they go for a late night walk at a pier holding hands... and they kiss.... but just as things start to get steamy it starts to rain... or some1 interupts them...

  12. I think that for the mommy / daddy date that it should be somewhere private but not too over the top. These 2 are still getting to know each other. They need somewhere to go and talk to each other. No distractions.
    As for a group outing, I like the idea of the whole family going to either a ball game or to the zoo. Some place that Edward and the rest of the family didn't get a chance to experience with Jack while he was gone.

  13. I think the date should be one where Edward goes all out, whether it be little romantic gestures and a fun date or a concert and picnic but someting to whoo bella would be good, because it seems she hasnt had much wooing in her life and Edward is just the man for that...

  14. They seem to share moments centered around music so i agree music under the stars... How about Ravinia, right in Highland Park,a beautiful outdoor music festival, bring a picnic dinner, drink wine and listen to great music on a beautiful evening. Or... Usually Chicago has the Taste of Chicago going on during this time (insanity) but they do their fireworks over the lake on July 3rd so maybe if edward's office is by Navy Pier they have a picnic in the office & watch the fireworks from up there?? I also think they should share a kiss; maybe they get interrupted before it gets too far?

  15. hmmm for a group Mommy/Daddy date i think maybe the zoo?? if i remember right i dont think thats something they have already done. either that or maybe something simple like bowling. most bowling alleys around here have an arcade and pool tables as well hope that helps

  16. Well let me think... Since this is their first date I suggest something simple, not to expensive or over the top. Maybe diner in a cute little restaurant (nothing fancy) followed by the symphony (already suggested by the other wonderful readers). Also it would be wonderful if their first kiss was also a good night kiss at Bellas bedroom door.
    About the "no sexy times rule" I completely agree, they would be to nervous to ruin their relationship, not to mention how the outcome, good or bad, could affect Jack.

  17. I agree with the others, something light and easy going, lunch date that goes into the evening a walk along the pier, talking and just learning about each other with out Jack in the middle. They will be sweet, joking, teasing and a little bit of serious feelings involved. by the end of the evening they will be holding hands and say good night with a kiss on the cheek? or maybe not a kiss on the cheek, a loving embrace with a gentle kiss on the lips. just enough to get things burning inside of each other.

  18. I think their date should be two parts... Something involving music. It's a love of both of theirs... Maybe a concert, live music club but small and intimate, or classical. Maybe he could play the piano for her... But they should also have picnic or some sort of trip to talk and really get to know each other in a place that Edward feels comfortable and is only his like the meadow... He needs to take her somewhere he's never allowed anyone else to go.

  19. TOP OF THE COCK! (the hancock building). When I lived in Chicago it was one of my favorite places to go. Romantic and amazing views of the city. Can go for dinner or just for drinks....ahhh I miss it. Also there's tons of little jazz bars that are around that area.

  20. ooohhh - or Second City for a comedy show. Lots of big name comedians go there.

  21. We have time for romance later, these two are just discovering that they have feelings for each other that don't revolve around them being mother and father to a wonderful little boy. That fact, they will have in common for as long as they are both legally responsible to raise him (his 18th B-day) and hopefully there after for a really long time... ☺

    With that said, I think a fun and care free date works great for them. They are just getting to know each other, so why can't they do that in a non-stressful and uncomplicated setting? I go for a meal of breakfast (everyone loves breakfast and it has sentimental issues for them IHOP 1st time out with Jack) Have them go to the boardwalk, play some fun competitive games like; basketball, skeet shooting water gun fighting, pinball/arcade style games, and bulls eye or whack a weasel (That games really brings out the laughs) have them competing at trying to beat each other's high score. You can have Bella cream Edward in a few games to to show she is just as good a sport as Edward can be.

    Yes I think lots of laughing, playful teasing, flirting, usty (No L) cuddling and close calls where the kiss is concerned is just what these two need right now. Make them work up to the big kiss later (It will be more monumental then because they will have made each other so worked up all night.

    When it comes to relations with Edward; we have seen the compassionate and caring Bella, the angry stand up for myself Bella, and the maternal motherly Bella around Jack (at least Edward has noticed) lets have Edward see the Bella who isn't afraid to let her hair down and have a little fun, laugh a bit and show no care in the world. I know its just what Edward needs and who better to give it to him than Bella right? (a 1st for him in a very long time a happy awakening after such a sad slumber)

    Finish the date off with them removing their shoes and taking a relaxing and endearing walk, Bella wrapped snuggly around Edward's strong biceps as they stroll along the beach at twilight, the water lapping at their feet, both having a quiet happy conversation, maybe telling each other something that the other didn't already know (nothing major or all telling but something to show that trust was established this night, their night together; on their first official date a new kindred closeness was earned.)

    Then after they get home and call it a night, they realize that they have the house all to themselves... This can be when they make the night a little bit more intimate. Have some quiet music in the back ground, a few glasses of wine and they can be relaxing in the back yard. Maybe they can go for a fun quiet uninterrupted and playful swim still laughing and really enjoying being young and care free.

    Later if you want the kiss, this could be where they have their dance on the back deck under the stars and to a soft song playing on the sound system. No real pressure for the kiss but this will be the moment right?

    Oh Shell I really think that this is a wonderful story and I give you your props, you never cease to amaze me. I love how you include us in a lot of your decisions, making this story more personal to us your loyal readers.

    I am so excited to read what ever it is that you decide to write for their first date. I will love this chapter just because I love you, your creative writing style and these wonderful characters. This story is so endearing to me and touches my heart with every update.

    I love ya sweetie... Thanks for giving us "Parachute"
    (Twilightsonefan Pattinson on FB)

  22. July third is USUALLY a big fireworks display along the waterfront in Chicago. Viewing from a boat or from a balcony... Edward might want to think about things Jack has mentioned about his mom, or perhaps check with Alice. Chicago has a few really unique Italian restauraunts (Spiaggia? I don't recall all the spelling. Sharing an activity that recognizes they are more than just "Jack's" parents, or an author and a businessman? One final idea, share something special from Edward's past that does not include a memory of his X for sure.
    After some consideration, I would vote for dinner at Spiaggia and then viewing the fireworks show from a boat on Lake Michigan.

    For the group date, something a little less crazed than an amusement park - I recommend Brookfield Zoo! Taking in a Ball game might be much more fun if Charlie comes to visit. After the game, dinner at Harry Carey's would be fun, or one of the Pizza places.

    They may have gondola rides on the Chicago river too.

    One last consideration, Edward may feel a little competition from Demetri, so I hope that does not overshadow the evening.
    Bring on Date Night! - Lord knows they've earned it

  23. sailboat cruise at sunset, dinner at a nice quiet restaurant overlooking the water, maybe a little slow dancing. Any or all of the above, emphasis on someplace quiet and private so they can talk (as opposed to something where they're spectators, as in a play, a concert, etc.)