Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter 22 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers

Chapter 22


Tanya crossed her legs and stared down Marcus Preston.

"Mr. Preston, I must admit that one hand, I am in awe of your persistence in obtaining Bella's assistance. On the other, as her friend, I am furious that you attempted to manipulate not only her, but my company as well. I would highly suggest that you tread lightly from here on out. I am not a person who should be trifled with."

Marcus sat back and raised an eyebrow. He turned to Bella and smiled slightly.

"You are a fiercely protected woman, Miss Swan. Not only by Ms. Denali here, but the Cullens as well. Such an enigma."

After a moment he sighed. "I do apologize for the breach of protocol in obtaining your personal information, but I can't regret it. Not when Esme is in the next room talking with my wife."


  1. oh poor Marcus..... he doesn't know what is being said in the other room it may not be what he had hoped - right ??
    Having Tanya speak to him that way is wonderful - please dont let her change : )

    I soooo want her to meet Demetri!
    And to kick that Bitchtoria's ass!!!!

  3. oooooh I can't wait to find out what happens with Marcus... I really hope he doesn't flip and ask for Bitchtoria (as Mina so wonderfully stated, btw did you get that from One Tree Hill?) to get time with Jack.

  4. When is Bitchtoria (Mina I think u have created a new word) joining the story.... soon i hope... i love me some drama

  5. Finally a Tanya I can like ;) can't wait for friday

  6. I don't feel bad for Marcus, at all. He chose to enable/support/disregard his daughter's despicable lifestyle, choices and behavior for all those years that resulted in not only in her abandonment of Jack but also dragging out her divorce, damaging the Cullen family and nearly destroying Edward (his/their reputation and their relationships and him financially and emotionally). Granted in the story, Bella finds Jack and essentially rescues him - changing her and his life forever - but it doesn't change the choices the Preston family members made. What’s that old saying? "You reap what you sow"

    I, for one, think he deserves to be given a "hard time" by them ALL for using his money, prestige and power to manipulate Bella and the Cullens; he may be doing it for his wife's sake but still it’s no excuse.

    Heh. I can't wait for when Bitchtoria hits the scene and for the throw-down. I want Bella, Alice and Tanya to all be there and part of THAT!

    Looking forward to the next chapter! I nearly yelled out loud when I saw the last chapter posted early and read your A/N that we'd get two this week! hee, hee

  7. so glad to finally love a tanya!!!

    i am so curious how they will react to discovering Bella's jack is their grandson. I hope well, for Jacks's sake the poor boy has been through enough. He is quite resilient, though :)

  8. Yep, still want to be Tanya when I grow up.

    **tries to figure out how much time I have to grow up like that when I'm already 4something.******


  9. OMG! I am so looking forward to the update!! I love your Tanya!

  10. Go Tanya! Rip him a new one and do it very nonchalantly!

    I would be afraid, very afraid if I was Marcus, letting those two women talk alone. He may end up being their target, not each other.

    Can't wait to see what happens!


  11. Finally a Tanya we all love feisty. We have a Jack fan club in my office. We are all in favor of Bella seeing Vicky and ripping her hair out by the red roots.Edward dont feel slighted but if you want to get Bella alone again call your cousin I sure he can side track Tanya for a few