Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Double Your Pleasure!

Heya sweeties! The characters had too much to say and there was too much info going on in this next chapter, so I've decided to double up! <3 

Which means, that you'll get Chapters 8 & 9 posted together this week, since I did indeed promise that we'd hit the Prologue on Friday. ;-) 

So, I shall leave you with another little teaser!

"I'm so tempted just to put a hit out on her ass. After just dumping your kid in a park to go off and get high, especially a kid as awesome as Jack, you don't deserve to be breathing."  
Jasper gave Tanya a wary look and gestured to the folder. 
"Can your guy take care of that, too?" he asked sarcastically. She gave him a devious smile. 
"No, that would be a guy from the Jersey Shore," she winked at him. 
Jasper blanched and went back to reading. 


  1. WooHoo! Chaptes 8 and 9, here we come! You're so good to us. Thanks.

  2. Ahhh! Hahaha! That teaser was the part I mentioned in my review as being like... my favorite part!!! LOL