Sunday, January 2, 2011

Parachute ~ Chapter 34 Teasers

Chapter 34


"I love you," she whispered, a lone tear falling silently. 

"Ssh," he whispered against her lips. "Don't do this now. Don't say goodbye to me like this."

Bella ignored his words and pressed up against him. "Please, Edward. I need you."

He reached down, one hand cupped her cheek and the other gripped her bottom, pulling her closer. His tongue delved into her mouth, tasting the sweetness of red wine still on her tongue. The kiss, which started out soft and gentle, quickly turned desperate and demanding.

Bella flung her arms out, grasping at the ledges while Edward pressed her back against the bookshelf. She let out a moan and flung her head back, ignoring the sting of pain from hitting the books behind her. She writhed and panted as his lips trailed down her jaw settled at the base of her neck. One hand left it's perch to run through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp. 


  1. looking like a hawt lil goodbye

  2. getting hawt and heavy in the library.

  3. *fans herself* tell the truth, how long have you been thinking about this particular lemon?

  4. About 2 months? Since DaniaMCullen linked me to a YouTube video that had the library sex scene from Atonement. *shudders deliciously*

  5. oh man... I knew it! and I'm glad you liked the pic, sweetie!