Sunday, January 23, 2011

FADV Victoria POV Teaser!

Since there's no Parachute teasers this week, I figure we could tease the Victoria Outtake for the FADV fundraiser. (Fandom Against Domestic Violence)


Everything was fine. Our lives, manageable. That is, until James took his yearly trip to visit his parents in Seattle. I was clingy and needy; begging him not to go. He was rough and cruel, leaving me by the side of his bed as he walked out the door to catch his plane. I made my way home and found my hidden supply, swallowing down pills that I couldn't even identify; trying to block out the need and panic that his leaving erupted inside of me. I couldn't just let him leave like that, so I tried to find someone to take the kid, under the guise of traveling to my mother's in Phoenix for an emergency. No one was available, so I decided to just take him with me. How much trouble could a three-year-old cause?

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