Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chapter 28 ~ Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 28


"Hello again, Isabella. Do you think that we could talk?"

Bella was caught off guard at the sound of Renee's voice. It sounded the same as remembered from her childhood. When she looked into her mother's hazel eyes, she noticed that the wrinkles and tired expression in her face made her look older than her forty years.

"What is there to talk about, Renee?" she asked, doing her best to keep hostility out of her voice.

Her mother smiled sadly and nodded. "I know you probably hate me, but there's a lot that I'd like to explain to you."

"Bella? Is everything alright?" Esme asked, walking over to her side.

"Yes, Esme. Everything is fine," she replied with a kind smile.

"Who is you friend, dear?" Esme asked, wary of the woman who had caused Bella to become uncomfortable and tense.

"Esme, this Renee Dwyer. Renee, this is Esme Cullen. Esme is my son's grandmother," Bella explained, her voice betraying no emotion.


  1. Oh,my God!
    Curious as Bella introduced to Esme as the grandmother of her son and introduced to Renee as "Renee Dwyer"
    I can't wait to read this chapter.
    Thanks for the teaser.


  2. Renee is no mother or grandmother! Sue is Bella's mom and Esme in a short amount of time has also been a better mother than Renee. Renee needs to get lost and leave Bella alone.

  3. Oh dang... if that didn't make her feelings come across very clearly I don't know what would.

  4. hmmm..wonder where this will go

  5. omg!!
    looks real interesting please post chapter up as sooon as possible
    btw can u plz includea a edward and bella scene ;)

  6. Can Bella catch a break...not Rene after all she has done. Jack pictures Rene with Victoria, which speaks volumns. Can't wait to read this.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!!!

  8. Interesting... Can't wait to read more