Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter 27 Pic and Chapter Teasers!

Chapter 27


Bella turned and smiled at Edward, who was talking animatedly with her father about the last play that had taken place on the field. Jack sat on the his father's left side, paying rapt attention to everything that the two men were saying.

Charlie turned and nudged Edward in the side. "I would have figured you for a Sox, fan, Ed."

Edward rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly before responding. "Uh, the Sox are away this week."

Charlie laughed loudly and slapped his knee.
Bella shook her head and reached into her jeans pocket to pull out her vibrating phone. She frowned as she noticed that a text from an unknown number was on her screen. Opening it, she gasped and covered her mouth.


  1. Which one of the three villains in this story would interupt her day with her guys. Yea, I haven't forgotten about Jake.

  2. oh that was just plain mean!! cliffhanger of a teaser or whhaaaaat :)
    can't wait

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  4. Who sent this text to Bella
    That was cruel! XD
    I can't wait to read the whole chapter.
    Until then.


  5. Ruh roh, picture a text from Vicwhoria "This is how easily I can get to you!" with a pic of Jack at the game

  6. I don't know about it being Icky Vicky so much, I think it is James! Just don't trust that slimeball!

  7. Omg!! Who is it? Jake? Cannot wait until Friday!

  8. GAH!
    im gonna DIE!
    i think i get your updates on saturday! cos we're on diff side of the I CNT WAIT 4 DAYS! GAHHHH!!!!!

    nd btw, i really like ggsophie's idea....a pic message with jack at the game...tht would be EPIC! and horrible!

    i just really wanna jump into the story and beat the living daylights outta Vic! and its cnt effect the story cos bel/ed/jack/cullens dnt even know me :P ahahaha
    yh im tht random! anyways...i cnt wait till the chap gets put up! and hopefully i wnt go crzy by thn :S

    oh yh...jake could be a strong possibility too....
    till nxt time


  9. Can't wait to see who it is. You right with a lot of force and i love it.
    I log in every Friday to read parachute no matter what else i have to do. can't wait, until then.