Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twitter #ReadAlong Tomorrow Night! {Info Re-Post!}

@TLammy will be hosting a #Readalong of Parachute tomorrow, Friday, September 10th, at 8PM Central / 9PM, EST! 

I'm totally excited and will definitely be taking part! You can follow me as well, if you'd like! @KitsuShel

These directions are taken from the FicBridge Blog:

#readalong Reader instructions! 
(1) To follow a #readalong log into your twitter at the appointed time and start reading the chosen fic. Every chapter pop back into your twitter and tweet your thoughts, or a favorite quote from the story with the hashtag #readalong

(2) To see what others are saying search #readalong and oogle the results. 
(3) Keep it positive. If the story is not your cup of tea, please bow out gracefully. 

(4) Review! Let the author know that you appreciated their hard work.
(5) If you loved it, sign up to be a host! We have a #readalong every night, send an email to and we will hook you up with a date! 

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